Repair Terms

Please ensure that the online Book- in form is completed in full.
Incomplete details will cause delay in service time and may result in your device being returned unrepaired.
Please back-up all data before handing in your device for repairs, as software might be done to resolve your 
fault on the device. Device will then be reset to factory settings.
Avtel shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss of data or information
stored on your device.
Make sure IMEI inserted in correct
In the event of imei being expired, your repair will be treated as Out of Warranty an
quoted accordingly. POP’s will not be accepted after your repair is completed.
Do not send accessories that are not related to the fault reported. Memory cards and Sim cards are not to
be booked / sent in with your device for repairs, it will be destroyed immediately on receipt at
AVTEL in accordance with POPI policy.
If the fault is found by AVTEL to be due to misuse, abuse, liquid damage or beyond economical
repair, your device will be out of warranty and the responsible person for this account will be held liable
for cost incurred in connection with the repair.
In the event that the device is out of warranty, you will be given an estimate for the repairs prior to any
work being undertaken.
You will be contacted for authorization of repair costs. Repairs will be effected on confirmed
“go ahead” of the estimate.
Payment will be required within 7 (seven) days after the confirmation of the repair and Proof of Payment to
be mailed to
Estimated jobs not responded to in 5 (five) days since quote was given / sent, will be returned not repaired.
Repairs done by Avtel in respect of faults identified are covered by a standard 3 (three) months
workmanship warranty and such warranty does not extend to liquid damaged or physical damaged devices.
Certain devices may not be repaired by Avtel, in that instance, you may receive a swap out and / or
reconditioned device in accordance with the manufacturer warranty policy.
Out of Warranty repaired devices will only be dispatched on receipt of payment. If no payment has not
been received within 3 months (90 days) of repair, device will be sold to recover expenses.
Delivery dates are estimates only, therefore AVTEL will have no liability to you for delays in delivery.
For any queries please contact Avtel contact centre at (email) or (contact number)